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Member Benefits

The Phlebotomy Club is your home for prestige and industry recognized membership with access to the latest news, networking, study groups, live draw experience practice, job search assistance, certification prep and assistance, career development, and special events. Become a Phlebotomy Club Member today.

Club Overview

The Phlebotomy Club, LLC is designed for trainees, healthcare workers, seasoned phlebotomists, employers and medical organizations for networking, job search, in-service customized training workshops. Enjoy many benefits with peers and healthcare professionals by becoming a member today! We offer systems that promote phlebotomy educational growth through access to group study, challenge test questions for certification prep, networking, lab practice sessions, purchase phlebotomy supplies and dramatic stories about phlebotomy from experienced professionals. We also offer sessions for Job search, resume development, interviewing techniques and job lead postings. Join the club!


Talk it out

Network with those who are in the industry.  It's good to have associates and partners in the phlebotomy field to talk about current phlebotomy news and events, study material and content, test results, lab supplies, lab practice, jobs and more.  Join the Phlebotomy Club today and start networking today. 

Phlebotomy Certification 

It counts in dollars with employers 

Phlebotomy certification is available and offered through our partners.   We work with training programs throughout the United States.  Upon receipt of your updated training certificate or recent prior work experience, you may apply for certification the hallmark of accomplishment.  Employers respond with favor to applicants who are certified and belong to membership affiliations like the Phlebotomy Club.  


Study Group

Instructor Led Study Group We offer instructor led study group phlebotomy training sessions.  Each session will help you learn and apply skills faster, enhance learning by group discussion and demonstration, prep for testing, and gain real world knowledge from specialists in the field.  


Phlebotomy Case Study Series

The Phlebotomy Chair is a case study series featuring dramatic case study presentations of real-life situations that could or may have happened during a live draw.   You will learn dos and don’ts, cry, laugh, scream​, listen and learn from the tales of experts in the industry. 

Special Events

As a Phlebotomy Club Member, you will be invited to attend special events ranging from seminars, conferences, workshops, small group social gatherings to enjoy the Arts and Performing Arts all while creating memorable moments.

Member Discounts 

Membership benefits and services depend upon the plan selected.  Such items and services as special events, supplies or other items, live labs, and developmental services will be offered at a discounted rate for members. 

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